How do retaining rings work?

A retaining ring is a fastener that holds components or assemblies onto a shaft or in a housing/bore when installed – typically in a groove – for one time use only. Once installed, the exposed portion acts as a shoulder which retains the specific component or assembly. Circlips are a type of retaining ring.

How to Install a Snap Ring

  1. Put on a pair a pair of safety glasses.
  2. Insert the tips of a needle-nose or circlip pliers into the holes at the end of the snap ring.
  3. Open the pliers so the arms of the snap ring are pulled back and the loop of the ring widens.
  4. Slip the expanded snap ring over the groove of the wheel.

Secondly, what are ring pliers? These snap ring pliers are designed to remove and install the most commonly used types of circlips and snap ring retainers. These snap ring pliers have interchangeable straight, 45 degree and 90 degree heads that can be used on a variety of external and internal snap rings or circlips.

Similarly, you may ask, where are snap rings used?

Retaining rings are designed to fit into a machined groove either on the inside of a bore or on the outside of a shaft. These components reduce vibration, retain two parts of an assembly, and can withstand axial loading.

Can snap rings be reused?

Smalley’s multiple turn Spirolox retaining rings are specifically designed to take higher axial loads and still be installed and removed easily. Depending on the installation method and installation stress, these rings can often be reused without any issues.

How do you make an AC clip?

To put one on, use needle nose pliers. Rest the the c-clip on the shaft. Take the pliers put one side under the shaft and the other on top of the c-clip. Now just squeeze and it will pop on.

How are Circlips measured?

Internal Circlips are fitted inside a Cylindrical bore or a Housing and push outwards. To ensure you get the correct size for an Internal Circlip: Measure from the Outside on one side to the Inside on the other. Internal Circlips are fitted inside a Cylindrical bore or a Housing and push outwards.

What are snap ring pliers used for?

Snap Ring pliers used for installation and removal of snap rings. These pliers are made of carbon steel and heat treated, for a durable product produced to QC specifications. Snap Ring Pliers by Rotor Clip are designed precisely for the snap rings that we sell, but are usable on any brand of retaining ring.

What is a circlip used for?

Circlips are commonly used in motors, turbines and pistons. Circlips fit into a groove on the inside of a bore or the outside of a shaft. They work as a load-bearing shoulder which positions and holds mechanical parts.

How deep should a circlip groove be?

If you use it in a tube type construction then the wall thickness will play a roll in groove depth. You don’t want to weaken the tube by grooving too deeply. In most other circumstances the depth should be 1/2 the width of the circlip at it’s working diameter.

Who invented the snap ring?

Well a quick Google reveals the first retaining rings were patented in Germany in 1928. I don’t know about German patent dates, but in the US, snap rings were common in mass production use, well before ’28. The Model A which came out on 1927 used snap rings in the transmissions and to hold bearings on the rear axles.